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Min Park Social Work (MPSW)

Min Park is a social worker and a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW), National Disability Practitioners (NDP) and Mental Health Victoria (MHV). Min has worked in social work, including case management, support coordination, counselling and volunteer community work, and has lived experience as a carer. Professionally, she has experience in government, community organisations and private practice. She has previously worked in the education sector and is experienced in conducting the job capacity assessment. Min has worked with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and aims to promote diversity in the community. She works to support her clients to improve their health and wellbeing, have healthy relationships, a healthy lifestyle, and sustainable living arrangements. Min is passionate about supporting people with disabilities, as well as their families/carers, to have choice and control over their lives so that they can live their life as they wish.

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to empower all people to maximise their potential and wellbeing.

Vision Statement

We envision a world where all people achieve the best possible wellbeing for themselves and others and everyone has a good life.

Education & Membership

Graduate Certificate in Youth Mental Health, The University of Melbourne
Master of Social Work, The University of Melbourne
Graduate Diploma in Production, The University of Melbourne (Victorian College of the Arts/ VCA)
Other - Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment, Certificate in Teaching & Bachelor's Degree
Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW) member
National Disability Practitioner (NDP) member
Mental Health Victoria (MHV) member
Australasian Society for Autism Research (ASfAR) member

MPSW Practice

Across the lifespan, every individual has their unique multi-dimensions. These include biological, psychological, spiritual, social, structural, and cultural dimensions, which continuously and simultaneously influence one’s experience in their development. The individual’s inner and outer worlds are interrelated with each other. MPSW uses this multi-dimensional approach in its practice. The approach aids a holistic understanding of an individual’s situational and systemic factors with ‘a person-in-environment perspective’. It aids in identifying protective and risk factors, and developing individualised intervention plans towards reducing personal and environmental barriers, and as a result enhancing participants’ overall wellbeing.

MPSW uses a collaborative approach in supporting clients. We work together in partnership with clients, their families/carers/important people, support providers, community, governments, and all other stakeholders. It is a collaborative effort to achieve the clients’ goals to have the lives they want and achieve optimal outcomes.

MPSW promotes self-determination and autonomy for clients. We actively assist clients to make informed decisions through information sharing and consultation, considering the individuals’ unique situations, wants, needs, wishes, likes, dislikes, and preferences. MPSW discusses rights and responsibilities with the client and provides them with honest and accurate information. This includes information about the known implications, benefits and risks associated with various options they may consider. Clients and their families are the experts in their own life, and MPSW greatly values clients’ choices and decisions.

MPSW believes every person has their own resources and resilience. We focus on individuals' own strengths, as well as family/carer, and community strengths. Clients are empowered to realise their own strengths, exercise their strengths to address individual issues, and build further strengths to become more independent, confident and lead a self-directed life.

MPSW conducts individualised assessment. Based on the assessment, MPSW intervenes as early as possible to prevent any potential risks of escalation or deterioration, and to achieve a better outcome for the client at the earliest stage possible. In the case that risks are identified in the initial assessment or at a later time, MPSW acts at the earliest opportunity to decrease risk and provide relevant and necessary supports. This is reflected in the client’s care plan to prevent re-occurrence of the identified challenges.

MPSW empowers clients and their families/carers to realise their potential, ability, and strength to meet their needs, and achieve their goals and aspirations. Clients are guided to set goals that are important to them; to increase confidence; to further strengthen their capacity; to be able to claim and advocate for their rights and take responsibilities; to have control over their resources and own life; and to maintain and enhance quality of life.

MPSW Value & Purpose


Human Rights, Social Justice, Respect for Persons, Human Dignity and Equal Worth, Diversity and Difference, Professional Integrity, Positive Change & Innovation


Min Park Social Work works to achieve the best possible wellbeing of individuals, community and our society.